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ESG governance structure

ESG governance at Tencent is overseen by the Board’s Corporate Governance Committee and implemented by the Company’s ESG Working Group.

In 2021, the Corporate Governance Committee expanded its focus to ESG oversight, with the remit of regularly reporting relevant ESG issues as well as the progress of key performance indicators (KPIs), to the Board. The Corporate Governance Committee shall exercise oversight via inquiries, regular updates on the Company’s ESG initiatives, reviewing and approving annual ESG reports submitted by the ESG Working Group.

The ESG Working Group (the Working Group) is a cross- functional body established in January 2022 and reports to the Corporate Governance Committee twice a year. The Working Group, which is tasked to advance Tencent’s overall ESG performance and promotes internal coordination, operates on three levels.

Corporate governance committee

The Board delegated the Corporate Governance Committee to oversee the Group's ESG matters.

ESG steering team

Leads the Working Group to set out the Company's ESG strategy and priorities. Co-chaired by the Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Financial Officer, it has a good representation of senior executives from various business groups or functional lines covering specific ESG topics.

ESG coordination office

Supports the ESG Steering Team in identifying ESG objectives and collaborating with various business and functional teams to develop action plans and track progress. In addition it serves as the secretariat of the Working Group and reports the company’s ESG matter to the Corportate Governance Committee regularly.

ESG champions

Comprise of employee representatives from various business groups and functional teams coverng specific ESG topics. Leveraging their respective areas of expertise, ESG champions drive the implementation of the company’s ESG initiatives and provide regular updates to the ESG coordination office.

We will review the composition of the Working Group regularly to ensure the Corporate Governance Committee is kept abreast of the Company’s ESG initiatives and overall performance.