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Our actions

Tencent is committed to living out our vision of Value for Users, Tech for Good by leveraging technology to promote environmental sustainability, address social concerns, and support transparent corporate governance.

Discover what Tencent is doing to deliver on our environmental, social and governance commitments while helping our users and partners achieve their own.

2023 ESG Report

Read about our latest progress and where we’re going next in our 2023 Tencent ESG Report.

"The essence of our vision and mission, Value for Users, Tech for Good, is to use the power of technology to better care for the people; and the creation of social value is a journey where we transform the abstract concept of kindness and care into executable strategies, action plans, products, and operations." Pony Ma Founder & CEO


We strive to promote environmental sustainability in our daily operations, product development and public outreach initiatives.



We have a responsibility, as a technology company, to make technology accessible to everyone and support the most vulnerable in our society, driving positive change.



We believe strong corporate governance is critical to creating sustainable value for our shareholders.