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Moving toward a more sustainable future

We believe that digital technology is one of the key means to addressing environmental risks. Tencent is committed to applying our digital capabilities in helping our users, industries, and society transition to a greener future.

Advancing toward a greener future

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Carbon neutrality

Tencent’s pledge

To achieve carbon neutrality across our operations and supply chain, and to use green power for 100% of all electricity consumed by 2030.


Tencent Toward

Carbon Neutral 2030

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We are committed to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources to ensure sustainability for future generations. In 2021, we voluntarily pledged to reach carbon neutral by 2030.

Green data centers

Tencent is committed to providing green computing power. We strive to improve the energy use efficiency of data centers and continuously increase the proportion of renewable energy use. Tencent has made a concerted effort to conserve energy throughout the process of data center site selection, design and technologies, operation and maintenance (O&M), and resource recycling. Tencent has been actively exploring green power trading while leveraging technological capabilities.

The Chongqing 100% Renewable Energy Data Center

In September 2021, Tencent made its first attempt in purchasing 60 million kWh clean energy for the Chongqing Tencent Cloud Data Center, allowing it to be supported by 100% renewable energy from August to December 2021.

The Tencent Tianjin Binhai Data Center

In 2021, Tencent Tianjin Binhai Data Center's Building No. 4 received LEED V4 0+M Platinum Certification.

The Tencent Qingyuan Qingxin Cloud Computing Data Center

It’s anticipated that Tencent’s Qingyuan Qingxin Cloud Computing Data Center's distributed photovoltaic project will save about 110,000 tons of standard coal over the next 25 years. It will also prevent the emission of 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 10,000 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 5,000 tons of nitric oxide – all harmful air pollutants that contribute to climate change.

Green workspaces

Environmental sustainability is a vital part of Tencent’s daily operations. We adhere to the principle of "Green, Energy Saving, and Environmental Protection" to optimize energy-efficiency and reduce consumption.

Tencent Binhai building

The Tencent Binhai Building is our global headquarters. The building has obtained a 2-star rating from China's Green Building Rating Program, the Shenzhen Green Building Gold certification, LEED Gold Certification under BD+C: NC, and LEED Gold Certification under v4.1 O+M: EB.

Tencent Beijing headquarters

Tencent’s Beijing Headquarters won the 2020 China Construction Industry’s most prestigious honor, the “Luban Award.” It also received the LEEDS BD+C: NC gold certification for its unique building design and low-carbon concept.


Strategy and Approach
We believe technology plays a vital role in tackling the biodiversity crisis and in fostering a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. To safeguard biodiversity, Tencent has been improving its natural resource efficiency across its operation through technological innovation and will continue to integrate internet technologies into its ecosystem protection efforts.
More Details

Tencent for the Planet

Tencent for the Planet is a public welfare initiative founded by Tencent in 2015 focusing on key environmental issues such as wildlife protection and biodiversity conservation.

Light Public Good Innovation Challenge

Tencent launched the Light Public Good Innovation Challenge with three well-known charity organizations to call on participants to develop public welfare mini programs to address social issues such as wildlife protection.
“We believe that business can offer innovative solutions that create social value and serve the public good." Pony Ma Founder & CEO

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