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Our vision & mission

Value for Users,

Tech for Good

User value is our guiding principle. We strive to incorporate social responsibility into our products and services; promote innovation in tech and cultural vitality; help industries digitally upgrade; and collaborate for the sustainable development of society.
As a new wave of information technology and industrial transformation emerges, digitalization is accelerating at an unprecedented speed – like a skyscraper springing up from the ground. The vital mission and responsibility of technology companies is to build a solid foundation for this digital edifice. Pony Ma Founder & CEO

Environmental protection

We are committed to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources to ensure sustainability for future generations. From operating our platforms daily to building data centers, we consider energy and climate-related risks in our decision-making processes and policies.

Care for our people

The human mind is the main source of innovation. We recognize that our employees play the most important role in driving innovations in the internet industry and creating products and experiences to meet the needs of users and business partners.

Responsible products

Digitization is not just about improving productivity. Even more important, it's about ensuring that digital development serves the community and creates value for users. As a company dedicated to the exploration, promotion and development of responsible products, Tencent works to provide users with an optimal digital experience.

Beneficial technologies

Tencent is committed to using Tech for Good and will continuously enhance our research and development capabilities by investing in our people, platforms and technologies. Our strong technical foundations allow us to develop products and services to enhance quality of life.

Community investment

For Tencent creating social value is the foundation that drives our company’s development and is also precisely how we build a community with a shareable future in cyberspace. Powered by our mission, Tech for Good, we aim to continue to explore robust and sustainable solutions that promote social value and enhance social well-being.

Business ethics

Ethical business helps the economy thrive by acting as a foundation for corporate codes of conduct and creating a harmonious business order founded on the principles of fairness and good faith. Tencent embraces the values of integrity, proactivity, cooperation and creativity.

Value for users, tech for good

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