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Making technology accessible

Making technology accessible to everyone is a critical part of making innovative technologies more inclusive.

Helping the Elderly Participate in a Digital World

Technology is changing the world, but sometimes those changes make life more difficult for the elderly — especially those who are less familiar with digital tools. Welcoming them into the digital world is essential, which is why we’ve been taking steps to close the gap by offering senior-friendly settings and applications.

Easy mode

Tencent recently launched a new service called “Easy Mode” inside applications such as WeChat, QQ, Tencent News, and Tencent Maps to help seniors navigate the digital world.

Digital Assistant for Seniors

We recognize that sometimes the elderly have questions or need a helping hand as they use apps or services. To address this need, we have developed a Digital Assistant for Seniors and are encouraging major Internet companies to integrate their application tutorials into our Mini Program. At the same time, the mini programs will be upgraded to "Accessibility Assistant" a public communication platform, and will add features to receive user feedback while retaining and updating existing apps and tutorials.

The Academy for the Elderly

The China Association of the Universities for the Elderly, WeChat and Tencent Research Institute have come together to launch a series of online courses via the “Academy for the Elderly” to help seniors learn how to use their mobile phones. The program will touch on topics such as how to book medical appointments, identify rumors, avoid fraud, and other daily digital needs.

Support System for Seniors

Tencent has leveraged its core technologies in areas such as artificial intelligence, the cloud, big data, and the Internet of Things to launch the “Invisible Caregivers” AI care system. It’s a new service aimed at supporting the needs of China’s ageing population. So far we’ve received positive feedback from nursing homes and communities, and look forward to conducting more research on creating sustainable social value for the elderly, particularly in areas like community assistance and digital integration.

Helping the Hearing Impaired with Technology

Tencent Ethereal Audio AI technology uses cochlear implants to reduce noise and improve communication for people with hearing loss. Tencent and its partners jointly launched the Ethereal Audio Campaign to make this technology freely available and enhance barrier-free access.