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Benefits and care

Tencent recognises the dedication and contribution of our employees and rewards them with competitive compensation and benefits.

Employee rights

We respect and protect the rights of our employees across our global operations in accordance with international conventions on labour and workers’ rights, including the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, International Labour Organization (“ILO”) conventions and Labour Law of the People’s Republic of China, as well as other applicable local laws and regulations.

To ensure that employees have fair and equal access to opportunities for career development, we have implemented comprehensive policies and procedures for managing probationary periods, employee career development, performance evaluation, and resignation. In keeping with our open, people-oriented culture, we encourage flexible work schedule and actively help our employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. We assess the performance of our employees based on their work output and contributions, and not by the number of hours they spend at the office.

“It was very clear to me that being at my desk was not as important as what I was able to contribute and do remotely. I really appreciated the company for allowing me to balance being a full-time employee and being a mom.” Eleanor Chang, Executive Director, Tencent Investments

Equal pay for equal work

We comply with relevant local laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which we operate and emphasise the concept of “equal pay for work of equal value”. Our competitive remuneration system includes performancebased incentives and share incentive schemes that reward employees for their outstanding performances.

Performance evaluations take place twice a year and consist of a selfevaluation by the employee followed by comprehensive feedback from their direct supervisor that is designed to help employees improve and strive for the best. All results are fully communicated to employees, and outstanding performers are commended.

In an additional effort to reward the outstanding performance of individuals or teams, we distribute performance bonuses and other special bonuses, and present the top awards, such as the “Sustainable Social Value Award”, “Business Breakthrough Award” at annual employee meetings.

Taking care of employees

In response to the evolving business development and employee needs, we continuously upgrade our benefit packages to reward their contributions and increase their loyalty. This includes anything from parental and maternity leave, to providing insurances, to helping take care of employee health.

We appreciate the continued service of every employee. We have an employee scheme named the “Career Milestone” plan and we have also have other benefits, marking employees 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th anniversaries milestones, and retirement.

We encourage honest and open communication with our employees


Employee responds to satisfaction and engagement survey


Satisfaction rate received from employees for Culture and Values


Overall employee turnover 
rate in 2021

Employee engagement

We place an emphasis on communicating and engaging with our employees while encouraging them to share their thoughts with us. To this end, we have established multiple communication and feedback channels so that employees have a true stake in our business development.

Our Annual Employee Meeting held at the end of the year is the most important and anticipated event, where the senior executive management will speak about the Company’s strategy and commend outperforming teams.

As part of our efforts to gather employees’ overall feedbackand expectations of the Company, we have commissioned a reputable and independent third-party agency to conduct an online employee survey every year on their views on the work environment, values and culture, the Company’s strategies and future direction among other topics.