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Development and growth

Tencent creates a place to grow and thrive, by providing employees with the right resources and support to enhance their work and life.

Career development

Tencent place great importance to employee development and have designed a “dual-channel” where employees can choose to develop their careers along either the professional channel or management channel. The professional channel branches out into technical, product or project, design, marketing, and professional fields, with each of these fields further branching out into over 20 paths. This has provided employees the opportunity to gain to access to a highly diverse array of options.

Allowing talent to flow freely to where it is needed most is also crucial for the vitality for the Company. This has helped employees find the best opportunities for their career development within the Company, which has in turn made both the Company and our employees more dynamic and flexible.

“At Tencent, I’ve worked with people in different roles and with different skillsets. This has helped me upskill my understanding in different roles and be a better leader.” Christina Wang, Director for HR, Tencent North America

Tencent Academy

In 2007, we established Tencent Academy provides employees from different professions with a variety of vocational and general training courses taught by external experts and leading academics, to help them upgrade their professional capabilities and aptitude. Tencent Academy helps employees move forward in their career as they continue learning and developing as an individual.

Internally, Tencent Academy carries out multi-dimensional training for not just new hires but also for professionals and key personnel. Externally, we endeavour to share our industry insights, practices, and experience and nurture future talents by offering training courses for the industry partners and society. In addition to its on-site training, In addition to its on-site training, Tencent Academy also has an online learning system so that employees can learn anytime, anywhere.

The vision of Tencent Academy is to be the most respected corporate university


Types of courses offered by Tencent Academy


Classes offered all year round


The average participation rate

Empowering young talent

Tencent strive to contribute to talent cultivation for the industry. Since 2017, Tencent has signed a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement with China’s Ministry of Education (“MOE”). Through this partnership, we worked with higher education institutions, launched various young talent empowerment programmes and jointly explored fields, including curriculum design and reform, teacher training, hands-on practises for students, and innovative and entrepreneurial project incubation.

Ultimately, our effort has improved the overall aptitude of students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to match into higher quality employment. As of December 2021, Tencent has cooperated with 39 higher education institutions and launched over 70 collaborative projects covering aspects, such as targeted talent training, internships, and human resource improvement.