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Supporting startups

Tencent Industry Accelerator creates industry solutions through its investment in selected projects. It provides support in capital, technology, products, business opportunities and other resources, assisting industries to transform and upgrade.

Tencent AI Accelerator

Leveraging Tencent AI Lab’s technological strength, Tencent Cloud’s platform and computing power, our partners’ AI capabilities and abundant application scenarios, Tencent AI Accelerator is committed to creating Industrial Internet solutions with our partners.

Since its launch in 2017, Tencent AI Accelerator has now reached the third phase, where, with the focus on Industrial Internet, industry players and Tencent smart industries can have more collaborations, helping selected projects to develop more application scenarios. 30 projects stood out from over 1,000 registered enterprises, with a total valuation of more than RMB20 billion.

Tencent SaaS Accelerator

At present, Tencent has more than 200 types of cloud products, including IaaS and PaaS. In addition to developing platform services, Tencent also supports outstanding SaaS startups with ecological resources to meet market demand and provide good customer services.

As such, Tencent rolled out the first phase of SaaS Accelerator in June 2019. 40 SaaS leading corporations, with a total valuation of over RMB35 billion, have been selected to take part in training (6 courses a year) and directly work with Tencent AI, Big Data and Security. These participants have engaged in fast production of SaaS products with the support from Tencent Cloud Base and the one-stop operation and maintenance platform Tencent Cloud Tstack. On the other hand, they are also backed by Tencent Cloud market + channel, as well as abundant valuable cloud resources.

Tencent WeCity Accelerator

Tencent WeCity Accelerator was officially launched in October 2019. It is open to high-quality enterprises in six industries, including digital government, public safety, smart transportation, smart education, smart healthcare and smart community. It targets to work with 30 excellent partners to create solutions for future cities.

Looking forward, WeCity Accelerator will collaborate with Tencent University and Tencent Research Institute to integrate the world’s top industry, university and research resources, work with selected Industrial Internet enterprises to promote the ecological research and construction of smart cities, and build an iterative model of future cities, with a view to creating a thriving ecosystem across our future cities.