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Insights on Career and Life From the Women at Tencent

This International Women’s Day 2024, we chat with four amazing women from Tencent’s international offices in the U.S., Netherlands, South Korea, and Singapore. They discuss life at Tencent, how they juggle work with family and fun, the supportive culture they’re a part of, and share tips for their peers.

Q: Can you introduce yourself and your role at Tencent?

Priya: I’m Priya and I was born in India. I’m a lead developer working closely with stakeholders to deliver internal automation tools.

Silvia: I’m Silvia, and I’m from Italy. I work as a Legal Counsel at Tencent, handling employment law, labor law, fintech compliance, and more.

AlvinaI’m Alvina, an HR Project Associate in the APAC HR team at Tencent. I’m from Singapore. My responsibilities are diverse. They include helping set up offices overseas, dashboarding for visualizing employee data, and handling employee relations issues.

Areum: I’m Areum, part of the Cloud & Smart Industries Group (CSIG) Korea Business Development team. You can call me Alin too.

Q: Which 3 words best describe your life at Tencent?

PriyaEfficient, busy, and fun.

Areum: Connectivity, self-development, familyship. We’re a supportive, encouraging group. 

Q: How would you describe yourself in three keywords?

Silvia: Optimistic, curious, and energetic.

AlvinaCurious, Sheep, and Wolf. These represent my curious nature and my ability to adapt and take on varied challenges.

Q: Any advice for women starting their careers in tech?

PriyaKeep learning – I recommend online courses, many of which are available for free or at a minimal cost. Tencent America has ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) specifically for women. We organize events with women who share their experiences and mentor and empower us.

Silvia: Effective communication, setting clear expectations, and prioritizing both work and personal life are crucial. Establish personal boundaries to maintain a happy and healthy life.

Q: How would you describe your journey at Tencent?

Silvia: Working at Tencent motivates me to get out of my comfort zone. As a result, I’ve grown significantly at work and achieved results for both the company and myself.

Alvina: My journey at Tencent has been unique, going from an intern to a full-time employee. The company provides career progression and I’m lucky to have had mentors and supportive colleagues along the way.

Q: What makes you happy in your free time?

Priya: I love biking and hiking, and I schedule hikes every weekend. Balancing professional and personal life is about making time for what matters, like family dinners and walks with my spouse.

Silvia: I’ve recently taken up running again and will be participating in a half-marathon in the Hague. Running and reading are integral parts of my life, helping me stay grounded.

Q: Do you have a role model or mentor?

Priya: Indra Nooyi, the former CEO of PepsiCo. Her journey from India to leading a global company is incredibly inspiring. She taught me that while a perfect work-life balance is difficult to achieve, striving for leadership and excellence is always possible.

Q: What are your goals and aspirations in life?

Areum: I wanted to grow professionally, and Tencent, being one of the global tech leaders, felt like the perfect place for that. As a multicultural company, it makes for an enriching workplace.

AlvinaMy focus is on work-life integration and learning. It’s about embracing the climb, living every moment, and enjoying my work and life to the fullest.

Q: What message would you like to share on International Women’s Day?

Priya: Don’t be intimidated by challenges or hard work. Aim high, and you’ll find support from managers and leaders. Embrace opportunities and strive for excellence.

Silvia: I wish for every woman to feel comfortable and confident in all their endeavors. Embrace your abilities, and always strive for balance in both your professional and personal lives.

AlvinaBe comfortable in your own skin, love and respect yourself, and stay grounded.

Areum: Stay strong and keep exploring new paths for personal and professional growth. Let’s empower each other to build a brighter future.