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Tencent’s Offices Worldwide Come Together for Good on 99 Giving Day

Tencent’s 99 Giving Day has become an annual festival of philanthropy and compassion, and this year was no different. Marking its ninth year, the initiative continued its mission of Together for Good, harnessing technology for societal benefit. This is the third year the campaign has gone global; in 16 countries and regions, 99 Giving Day is a growing force for good everywhere.

Charity Begins in the Office

The saying goes that charity begins at home, but for Tencent employees, it can start right where we work. More than just an event, 99 Giving Day is a celebration of collective action. Around the world, Tencenters came together to make a difference in various aspects of social well-being.

What Tencenters Are Passionate About

  • Life: Fund critical skills in daily life such as first-aid training.
  • Children: Lend a hand to children in need, making their lives better and their smiles brighter.
  • Earth: Support meaningful efforts such as low-carbon projects to protect our planet.
  • Health: Provide healthcare support for those in need. Physical and mental well-being are fundamental to living a full life.

Making a Difference: Global Highlights

North America

Tencent Americas’ Act for Good campaign saw Tencenters participate in acts of kindness through online charity bidding, volunteering in their communities, and donations of clothing and food. A highlight was the gifting of 500 backpacks filled with school essentials to the Starlight Foundation for hospitalized children, because every child deserves the tools to learn.

Australia and New Zealand

Tencenters took part in environmental activities in Australia and New Zealand. The Australian team hopped on their bikes and cycled around a lake to promote not only fitness, but also low-carbon, eco-friendly transportation. Across the sea, the New Zealand team rolled up their sleeves for community clean-ups and recycling campaigns.

Egypt and UAE

Employees in Dubai took part in donations and auctions in support of Emirates Red Crescent, one of the largest charities in the region. Meanwhile, colleagues in our Cairo office undertook a plastic bottle recycling challenge, with all proceeds going to a local environmental conservation group.

Europe: France, Germany, Netherlands, UK

Our offices in Europe gathered for first-aid training in collaboration with the Red Cross. The team also collected second-hand clothes and toys for donation to both the Red Cross and a Dutch charity, DeRegenBoog.

Hong Kong SAR

This year, charitable events in Hong Kong have embraced technological innovations to spread love. One such initiative is Tencent’s Ethereal Audio Action, which has been introduced in collaboration with Caritas Hong Kong. This program utilizes Ethereal Audio AI technology to conduct hearing tests and assessments for individuals with hearing impairment. Additionally, Tencent Foundation and WeChat Pay HK have established an online charity donation platform, benefiting 22 charitable organizations in Hong Kong.

Japan and South Korea

Our Japan office focused on activities that were good for the community and planet through garbage collection and the promotion of vegetarianism, raising awareness of the environment along the way.

Healthcare was front and center in Korea, where Tencenters participated in first-aid training so employees would be ready to help in a medical emergency.


The Tencent Singapore team rallied together for a blood donation drive and children education initiatives. Here, they also organized a silent auction benefiting the Red Cross Young Hearts Programme, and concluded the week with an educational visit to the Singapore Science Centre.

Together for Good Today and Every Day

99 Giving Day represents the Tencent spirit: an ongoing global, unified force for social good. By acting together, we not only support our mission of #TechForGood but also show that we can make a difference in creating a better world.

This year, we made it even easier for employees and the wider public to participate in the festival, by extending our donation-matching system beyond the Tencent Charity Platform to achieve true cross-platform donation matching. So, here’s to many more years of giving, sharing, and caring!