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#TencentInnovates: 8 Ways Tencent is Innovating to Make a Difference for People

Innovations that benefit users, businesses and society are core to Tencent’s purpose. Driven by our mission, we invest heavily in research and development and invent solutions that enhance business performance, help industry transform, promote sustainability, combat climate change, preserve culture and create barrier-free access to technology.

In a new series, Tencent Innovates, we highlight a range of initiatives and cutting-edge advances that make a positive impact.

1. Prioritizing Research and Development

Research and development (R&D) is the foundation of our culture of innovation. We have invested more than US$20 billion (RMB 150 billion) in R&D in the past three years. In Q1 of 2023 alone, our R&D spending is approximately US$2.1 billion, marking five consecutive quarters of high investment.

This ongoing commitment to R&D enables us to stay on top of the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

2. Empowering Creators and Fostering Creativity

Patent protection is vital to safeguarding ideas and inventions and rewarding creators. Tencent’s extensive and varied patent portfolio ensures a thriving innovation ecosystem.

With over 1,300 patents for data security and 1,000 invention patents in AI medical care, we prioritize protecting critical innovation areas. Diversity is important to us: more than 22,000 patents involve female inventors, accounting for over 35 percent of the total.

Globally, we have filed over 62,000 patent applications globally, ranking second among all internet companies for published patent applications worldwide.

3. Helping the Hearing Impaired Through Enhanced Audio Quality

Background noise can hinder effective communication, especially for people with hearing impairments. To address this challenge, Tencent Teana Lab has developed advanced noise reduction technology that utilizes AI to enhance audio quality, minimize distracting background noise, and make speech clearer. The capabilities of this technology have earned it multiple technical championships.

The technology improves the listening experience for everyone. It enables users with hearing difficulties to communicate more effectively, participate in conversations, and engage in audio-based activities with greater ease and enjoyment.

4. Expanding Barrier-free Technology for the Visually Impaired

Tencent is applying game technology to cut the digital divide for users with visual impairments. Our “Tactile Feedback Industry Standard and Six-dot Braille Vibration Solution” is one of the latest projects to help them interact with digital devices, making text input and independent navigation easier. Tencent incorporates tactile feedback and vibrations into hundreds of millions mainstream mobile devices, helping millions of users easily interact with the digital world.

What’s more, we have opened patents for the relevant tactile feedback technology, allowing independent developers and manufacturers to use it in philanthropy projects. In doing so, we are expanding barrier-free technology not only for the visually impaired, but empowering all users to participate fully in the digital realm.

5. Improving Digital Inclusion and Online Safety for Seniors

Tencent has prioritized improving digital accessibility and online safety for seniors. Initiatives include creating user-friendly interfaces with alerts, simple text, and audio to minimize errors and boost user confidence. We offer training programs that enhance online safety and make it easier for seniors to navigate the digital world.

Five Tencent products and website have been officially recognized in China for their contribution to making the internet into a barrier-free environment for the elderly.

6. Supporting Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Low-carbon Future

The CarbonX Program is an initiative aimed at reducing carbon emissions and fostering a more sustainable future.Through the program, we invest in innovative technologies and collaborate with industry partners to develop effective solutions for carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS). It supports advanced technology pilots and empowers CCUS startups to make significant emissions reductions.

Tencent has also worked with Carbfix, a leading Icelandic carbon storage company. Together, we are working to establish a pioneering carbon dioxide mineralization storage project. This initiative captures carbon dioxide emissions and converts them into stable minerals, effectively storing them underground and preventing their release into the atmosphere.

7. Transforming the Smart Auto Industry Through Cloud Technology

Tencent’s advanced smart auto cloud capabilities are transforming the car industry and driving experience, with services provided to more than 100 car and travel technology companies and collaborations with 600 ecological partners.

Our cloud-on-cloud self-driving storage solution offers numerous benefits to the industry, including increased capacity, faster AI training, and an average storage cost reduction of 50 percent.

Users also benefit from high-precision mapping covering 50 cities, faster updates for voice interactions, and advanced voice assistant features. These enhancements contribute to an improved driving experience, making journeys safer and more convenient.

8. Preserving Cultural Heritage for Future Generations

Tencent and the Dunhuang Research Academy have joined forces to create a new type of interactive museum, known as the “Dunhuang Digital Library Cave.” This pioneering project utilizes advanced game technology, including high-definition digital photo scanning, game engine rendering, dynamic lighting, and cloud gaming to preserve about 60,000 volumes of invaluable cultural relics. It brings the historical scenes of 66 scripture caves and their precious relics to life.

The Digital Library Cave serves as a bridge between tradition and modern technology, making heritage and history accessible to a wider audience. It provides an immersive platform for cultural exploration, inviting a new generation to delve into the captivating world of ancient caves and artifacts.