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Handbook for Public Protection against COVID-19

As we entered into 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has been raging around the globe, impacting more than 100 countries and regions, and causing serious political, economic and social ramifications to the global village. The virus knows no boundaries, and no country can stand alone in the fight against the pandemic. Therefore, as we are living in a community with a shared future for mankind, Beijing Kanghua Foundation for the Development of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine and Tencent Foundation have invited experts and fronline medical professionals to compile this handbook in order to share promptly China’s successful experience in combating the pandemic with numerous overseas Chinese and people around the world. This handbook has been prepared in both Chinese and English, including basic protection and special group protection, explaining key issues and knowledge in a question-and-answer format. This handbook aims to promote the public understanding about COVID-19 and related prevention and control measures, so that people around the globe can be more confident and capable of fighting against the pandemic, contributing to the global battle against the coronavirus outbreak.

Download the Handbook

Handbook for Public Protection against COVID-19 – Basic Protection

Handbook for Public Protection against COVID-19 – Specific Population Protection